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Paper Cup

ISKI manufactures paper cups both printed and plain cups, which provide the best packaging for all of your beverage needs. Our papercup products are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials using an efficient cup machine to ensure the consistency and quality of the product for all the different sizes from 4oz - 22oz.
Printing is done according to the customer design with high printing quality.
Online retail transactions for PAPERCUP & Lunch Box (below 1000 PCs) can be done in www.papercupku.com.


  • :are used for hot drinks on paper cups, which are available in black or white color, for cups with size 8oz, 9oz and 12/16/20oz.
  • :are suitable for milkshakes, smoothies and slushy drinks. One sized domelid fits to 12/16/20/22oz papercups.
  • :made from PET or clear Hi PS these lids suitable for any cup cold drinks. for cups with size 12 oz and 16/20/22oz.

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