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Paper Cup

ISKI manufactures paper cups both printed and plain cups, which provide the best packaging for all of your beverage needs. Our papercup products are manufactured from high grade quality raw materials using an efficient cup machine to ensure the consistency and quality of the product for all the different sizes from 4oz - 22oz.
Printing is done according to the customer design with high printing quality.
Online retail transactions for PAPERCUP & Lunch Box (below 1000 PCs) can be done in www.papercupku.com.

Hot Cup

For our hot cup we use high-quality cupstock, with PE coated on the inside. Our standard Hot Cups are offered in variety types to suit your multiple needs.

A. Single Wall Hot Cups

Single Wall Hot Cups

This conventional standard hot cups are provided in variation of sizes and with different paper gramature. This type could be a cost effective way of carrying hot drinks. Single wall hot cups also can be custom printed.

  • :4.5 / 6 / 8 / 9 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 22oz available
  • :190 to 330 gsm of high quality cupstock
  • :all Inks used are suitable for food packaging
  • :1,000 PCs/Box

B. Double Wall Hot Cups

Double Wall Hot Cups

Double wall hot cups are using of a plain/printed layer outside, that is glued to the inner cup leaving air gap between the two layers for material insulation. This type of cup provides a more convenient way of offering hot drinks to your customer.

  • :8 / 9 / 12 oz available
  • :250 to 330 gsm of high quality cupstock, 250-300 gsm of paper food grade material
  • :all Inks used are suitable for food packaging
  • :500 PCs/Box

C. Special Design

Special Design

This special designed Papercup with handle are available on request.

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